Monday, 16 October 2017


i'm sorry that you found me when i’m in my worst state.
i'm so broken now that the pieces of my shattered heart is cutting yours too somehow.
i'm so hurt i don't think I'm ever ready to let anyone close enough anymore.
i'm so confused with what i want at all.

truth is, maybe i'm just not ready.

thank you for making me feel loved again;
thank you for making me feel worthy
and i'm enough just like everyone else.
thank you for giving me the reason to smile.
thank you for making the butterflies in my stomach
fly again.
i feel whole again.

i'm still hurt from what happened before and you're right -
i'm not ready for anything at all.
i've been too crazy, too attached and immature
but i'm just not ready to trust.

i get attached easily and tend to follow my feelings too much and rush into things only realising that I'm ruining things.
we don't even know each other,
we haven't even spent proper time getting to know each other.

your sweet words and promises (lies),
your touch and hugs (lust) -
are what made me feel safe again.
it's like you had all the keys to unlock the heavy padlocks i have around my heart.
you made me like you so easily and so fast.
you had all the right words, right keys.
i like you, a lot, already.
your smile, your laugh, your craziness.
something i've never experienced before,
you were the only one who made my heart pound
and makes me smile and laugh so much
after i've been hurt
and that's scary.

we're both very different - in terms of personality, daily routine, hobby, race, culture and stuff and they say opposite attracts but i didn't know it'd be this easy.
i fell hard, way too hard, i think.
i, too, think you're what i want.

text me again,
call me beautiful every morning again.

can we start all over again, please?