Friday, 14 July 2017

Meet my baby!!

I cried almost every day, worrying that I will not find a nice house to stay, about getting to work every morning, the area I'm living and wondering if I could not fit in or not etc. etc.

I first moved over with the help of Patryk and his car, Gloriya's friend, my colleague in Subway hahaha. I'm so lucky to have to know people like this. I didn't take any pictures of that day for remembrance at all because it was a big and such a quick and sudden move for me so I was still shooooooock.

I was on SpareRoom almost every single day before the move, I'd even wake up at 3 am in the morning on SpareRoom and it so difficult for me because of the houses here has pets at home and I'm scared of animals. I have NEVER touched a dog or cat before, they're so scary (I'm sorry, don't judge me, don't hate me).

Anyways, I moved on the 25th June 2017. 80% of my things are already in Chippenham and I was supposed to be there for a week to get used to the environment there etc. but I ended up taking the train back to Bristol and only got back a day before my first day at work and luckily my Bristol room is still mine until the beginning of August.

I was lucky enough to get a second-hand bicycle from Facebook for £60 and having it sent to my Chippenham house. It was bad, the seat was too high for me and the bicycle chain wasn't even working - was cheated! I fixed it within 10 minutes and I'm proud of it HAHA. Another achievement! It looked old with rust here and there but it was a good bike with 6 bloody gears. I didn't know bicycles have gears too lol.

I named her Baby because she IS a baby to me though she's old. How did I know it was a her? She has baskets that made her looked feminine and she has a hint of blue colour by her neck hahaha. Here's a picture of my precious below. I'm actually looking to find a plate that says baby or Cynthia's baby actually hahaha but people might misunderstand and thinks I call myself baby or something but I'm serious in looking a plate that says, baby! Pretty sure it's gonna costs a lot init.

The first day of work, I cycled to work and took this ridiculous picture. Pardon my 'excited-and-wanted-memories-but-had-no-one-to-take-a-picture-for-me-so-I-used-the-window-still-as-my-tripod' face (just realised I could have posed more professionally lol).  I wore a helmet after that, I didn't want the wind to ruin my hair and can you believe it, I took a selfie.

I went for my induction for the whole day where Vernon, the Health and Safety guy (I called him vermon and everyone was like oh no don't call him that. #asianproblems) briefed me about the safety on site etc. and then showed me around the site. After that, I also watched the video about MJ Church's history and what they do etc., basically just the introduction of MJ Church and also did the weirdest thing I've ever done! 

Blowed into a small machine tube to see if I'm a smoker or not and also peed into a small container to see if I take drugs HAHA but obviously it all went well :) 

Well now, I've worked in JBB, Malaysia before and had experience and I thought I knew what to expect but nope. It was all different here. MJC took me as a real employer now omg, I wanna cry! It's like an achievement, you know? Really, my heart melted.
I was given my own table where everything was empty and neat - ready for me to move in and make it 'home'. I even had my own work phone, my own work laptop, with my own email address omg?! I had to blur out the number, of course, and I'm sure no one will prank the office anyways, right?

If you were to read my previous post about my previous internship with JBB or click here if you're interested. I might not be able to blog as much and as meaningful as that post because that was my first experience and I posted that only when I completed that three months there. Maybe I can post much more and much more meaningful after I've completed my year with MJ Church. 

I'm very looking forward with everything starting of today and til the day I finish here. Quantity surveying might not be what I really wanted or something I enjoy, I'm sure my experience here will make me wiser and understand not just about the construction field but also about life.