Sunday, 8 November 2015

Downend Fireworks 2015

To start off with things, I'd like to talk about my recent video that really made me happy. First thing first, I'm a realist, Kit bought tickets for us to Bristol's biggest firework show ever and the fireworks were better than I expected. Back in Malaysia, the fireworks are just normal but still plain beautiful fireworks that would bore the death out of people if they were more than 10 minutes. The fireworks we watched was really interesting and mesmerising, every sparks where synced with the music and there were twisting and spiral one with many different colours and with shapes which I never knew a firework could ever have. The video about the firework might not seem as interesting as I described but that's what makes the £4.50 ticket worth it! (£6 for those who bought on the spot though.)

Secondly, Skyburst commented and shared my video and my video just reached a total of 134 views. I admit that this is one of my laziest and ignorant vlog I've ever made but the fact that the organiser shared my video on their official Facebook page and commented is everything! Thank you Skyburst The Firework Co.

Anyways, here's my video if you haven't watch it. As always, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! XXXXX 

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