Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Amsterdam, A Dream Come True?!

Finals are finally over, all the dreadful headaches, stress and those sleepless nights are over. For Kit though haha. I finished my exams early June and have been working part time ever since.

Travelling around Europe has always been a dream for the both of us - Spain, Italy, France...... but we were not born with silver spoon in our mouth. We only managed to travel to Amsterdam which was seriously good enough. I confess that I only agreed to give Amsterdam a visit because of John Green's most famous novel - The Faults In Our Stars (we didn't manage to take a boat ride along the canals though).

If you are asking for a souvenir, here's a post card I bought. I got it off the Internet but it was the exact same one as the one I bought:

We stayed on water, like literally on the water! It was quite reasonable and it was really an experience. The whole botel did not sway so it is pretty vomit-proof for those who have sea sick like yours truly. It is located at the outskirts of Amsterdam City but there is a free ferry ride up until 12am and god, I love Amstel Botel. Did I mention about how affordable it is? Check them out if you are considering to travel to Amsterdam. 

There's even quite a view around it, we saw elegant majestic looking geese and even a baby duckling quacking for its mother! We stood there for like half an hour to make sure it found its mother and how the mother feeds it, such a pity I was too awe struck that I forgot to take a picture of it!

We took the free ferry or what Kit called it, the free shuttle ferry to the city and then walked around Amsterdam, discovering and just enjoying how different it is from UK and Malaysia. There were no public buses at all but the public trams were what almost everyone uses. Moreover, they were very very very punctual and frequent as you can see the 'real time travel info' in the picture below, spot the next tram behind me!

Standing on the bridge over the canals with the nice brownish background it gives, I swear it is very selfie/Tumblr/Pinterest/Instagram worthy! Even the houses, apartments etc. were different. Being an architectural student, these are something I can never resist looking at haha. To be honest, I really wonder how do people get in to their houses, do they travel by boat everyday, how is it like living on a house that sits on water, how is the construction like, are there any special bricks or beams or concrete that is needed to be used specially, what is under the house to even support it???

Next we took the tram to go to further places but realised that it wasn't really as far we thought but taking the tram was fun enough! Thousands, about twenty actually of trams were all easily found outside this train station - Amsterdam Centraal and gosh the architecture! As a typical tourist obviously, a picture at anywhere at all is mandatory. Yup, even sitting in a tram when everyone's looking judging you. We both read the map too many times that I think we can both travel to places we want to go even without looking at the map at all the next time we give Amsterdam a visit again. (Kit, if you're reading this, this is a hint that I want to go Amsterdam again.) 

We got down soon after and I just cannot stop using the word beautiful in the post, can I? It looked almost like where Gus and Hazel from TFIOS when they were in the boat ride along the canals, doesn't it? I am so in love! Even those bicycles that are placed so simply and messily, it looked so good with the background! I even had to take fake candid pictures, some turned out pretty awkward like shit I wished I am a model. I recommend you to have a fish eye lens because it allowed me to take a picture of myself WITH the whole background. Normal camera lens would not be able to do that, isn't it. Ah the canal, the boat, the tress, the houses. Amsterdam, you're truly beautiful. Even the scary leeching vines along the entire building looks elegant in you. 

We also went to the famous museums but only realising how long the queue was and also the price of the entrance tickets and decided to only admire them from outside; these includes the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum. Luckily enough, it was free admission in Rjikmusuem for kids those up to 18 years old so obviously, I HAD TO GO IN. On the way to Rjikmusuem, there was like a large art exhibition that I paid 10 euro for students to get in but got out after half an hour because it was hot! Here are a few artworks of the students along with me as a supporting character eating an apple judging admiring them, the apple was free by the way and I took three. Summer + Apples = Posh Life.

On the way to Rjikmusuem, there was the Iamsterdam sign! There was so many people climbing the signs as you can see in the picture, so fun but so risky. A selfie would be good enough despite the crowd behind us but I can swear to you, being able to see this sign in real life and not through pictures and also being able to even stand beside it and touch it, felt really really amazing. Being an Asian who only been to Asia countries and grew up in a very Asian culture and way of life, I only believed that great things only happened in movies.

Soon after, we got in to the museum through the magnificent garden beside the Rjikmuseum's entrance and I swear to God it was so so so nicely designed, almost like a secret garden - where many people were just there casually chilling and sun bathing; this must be the meaning of posh life hmmm. Both of us were truly amazed with the paintings and artifacts left behind, we truly appreciate the history behind of the artifacts left there even though I do not really know much about the history in Amsterdam itself. Like what most tourists would do, we took cringing fake candid pictures of us with few of our personal favourite art with history that we found the most interesting.

Kit's favourite was the Tapestry with the arms of Emperor Charles V Willem de Pannemaker (1535-1578) and it symbolises the power of the Habsburg Emperor Charles V. Surrounded by abundant plants and flowers, a crowded double-headed eagle bears his coat of arms. (Confession: I copied that from the label at the side of the tapestry.) He liked that artifact the most is because of its power and it somehow gives him the power and strength to fight on.

As for me, I liked, wait, I loved the Brazilian Landscape by Frans Jansz Post (1670-1680). This painting is not history or whatsoever but I liked how he captured and romanticised the Brazilian landscapes. He travelled to Brazil in 1637 as part of the entourage of Governor Johan of Nassau-Siegen and returned to Dutch Republic in 1644 with this beautiful piece of artwork. It gives me a feeling of tranquility and the rusticity just amazes me.

Okay, so I am done talking about the scenery and places and how beautiful Amsterdam is. As a daughter of a 'food blogger', food plays an important role in my to-do list when in other countries. London has Duck & Waffles but Amsterdam has a stronger game. It has Lobster & Burgers - Hummbar: Lobster & Burgers. Like I said before, my dad is a food blogger so his food photography game is stronger than mine; sorry for the lack of pictures! But Kit took a picture of me in the restaurant though haha. 

Well, Amsterdam isn't just famous for just the flawless scenery, canals or famous museums; in fact Amsterdam was never at all famous for that, but..... THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT and weed. It is located in De Wallen, by the way; don't go round asking people where the red light district is, replace it with De Wallen haha. We visited the Red Light District twice because I just could not get over with how beautiful the night life was and I am dead serious. Don't believe it? See it for yourself. 

The red lights are windows of the prostitutes and all they do is just stand there like Barbie Dolls waiting for little kids to buy them. I have to admit, even as a female, they were good looking! The red lights are almost everywhere but they are also blue lights if you pay attention. I could not really see any blue lights because of all the red lights that were blinding me. Anways, the blue lights mean a transgender worker is in there. We also went to the Red Light Secrets Museum - Museum of Prostitution, where we managed to experience how was it like to sit by the window with red lights and how it feels like for thousands of passerby to stare and judge you. There is also a confession booth where you confess and it will then be posted on a wall for everyone to see. There were disgusting ones and there were funny ones! Click here to see the different featured confession of the day. 

On the last morning of our time there, we gave Bloemenmarkt a visit. It is basically called the Amsterdam Floating Market as you can see in the picture. Never thought they would sell rare plants over there! I personally loves cactuses but I never thought cactuses could be so colourful and cute, bet neither of you have ever too, right? 

And and and the cactuses were so cheap! I wanted to get a bunch back to UK but I was worried that we could not pass through the custom because, well, who knows right? It was really cheap and cute and omg I really wanted a few so badly. Last but no least, the last for the best - the fly trap plant! I have heard about it and pictures in our primary textbooks looked scary but in real life? It was cute, super kawaii. I picked up a piece of used tissue by the road side and was about to put it in between the fly trap's 'mouth' but the shopkeeper saw me and was like, I wouldn't do that if I were you. (Opps!)

Alright, so we've talked about the scenery, famous places to visit, food and also the Red Light District, let's talk about shopping, shall we? I am a girl after all. No one I know have ever heard of Brandy Melville but I have always been dying to visit one, it is rather basic but since most American YouTubers are crazy about it, it made me too.

I bought, more like I chose and Kit paid, a girl power phone case that I'm using right now,  an off shoulder top and a denim button up crop top. I took a picture of all three of it but my lost it....... First world girl problems. I think it was on Snapchat and I did not save it into my Photos.

And so that was how Amsterdam was for me, adventurous, fun and happy. If only we could abandon life and travel all year long until we die. There are so much more that we did in Amsterdam but just words would not be enough. Videos and photos along with words would be enough but I lost most of my pictures in Amsterdam because I left my phone charging overnight right beside a humidifier and it caused water damage, fml.

Kit brought me to many many many interesting places and experienced fun things in Amsterdam that I think no pictures or videos can ever capture the fun and moment we had, those will only be in our hearts; but there's one funny story I want to share hahaha!

One of the things that Kit surprised me was the Dining in The Dark dinner date where I almost faint because I just cannot deal with complete darkness. Kit can't eat beef, I can eat anything but I am very very very picky about food and I don't eat anything else except chicken meat, fish, pork or frog meat. They served lamb and I didn't like the taste of it and just ugh I didn't like it haha and did I mentioned about how nauseous I felt? I was literally dying in there. I. Am. Afraid. Of. The. Dark. 

We took the train to the airport and here comes the fake candid poses of us, wait, just me and Kit's kawaii smile by the train station. 


I will be updating my blog about my trip to Belfast and Iceland again soon when the it does not take me ages to upload pictures on Blogger, probably because of my slow Wi-Fi at home, but feel free to watch it first here: Sweet Escape 2015 x KitCyn

I would like to end this post by self promoting my vlogs in Amsterdam - Selfies in Amsterdam (which was inspired by the DIY Guru, LaurDiy) & Hallo Amsterdam(a typical travel vlog I normally make). Hope you enjoy!

Any last words? 
"I really love Amsterdam and I would want to visit Amsterdam as often as I can. Maybe I will learn the Dutch language, socialise with the Dutch, and be a part time Dutch."


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