Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Market in Bath!

"What are assignments? All I know is travelling." 
Lol no, I'm joking like seriously I want to be a good student that will graduate with flying colours.

Anyway, with the hectic week of assignments and work and sh*t, I never thought I would even have the time to give the famous Bath's Christmas market a visit. 

(iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode's quality is life)

Kit isn't here to help take really good pictures of me anymore hence the lack of pictures of myself hahaha, how very vain. Anyways, to those who are wondering what's the difference from Bristol's Christmas market and Bath's?

1) Bristol's market is located in Cabot Circus, which means that the market itself is in between shops and that doesn't really give a very white christmassy mood and it is always packed like can you not.

2) Bath itself is a very beautiful city with the Bath Abbey Church being the main attraction, having a big beautiful Christmas tree would only beautify Bath.

3) Bath has more stalls (or whatever you call them) than Bristol has, sadly :(

Did I mention that we even took a picture with a Santa Claus? Two of my favourite girls of 2K16! One of the stalls by the corner sells the best Hot-Apple-Ginger-Toddy for only £3! If you hate apples, you can also try their Mulled Wine, omg your eyes will definitely roll to the back of your head if you try them, especially when the weather's cold and you sip warm delicious drink~

 We reached Bath at around 5 in the evening and most of the stalls were shutting so we didn't really did much unfortunately! Being Asians, pictures are a must! I find the picture of Poh Hui's NMD and mine so cute, the fact that his shoes are so much so much bigger than mine and mine looks like a little toddler's shoe beside his hahaha!

Too much Asian selfies ahead, asian invasion at Bath Abbey omg!


Much love from the asian gang from UWE Bristol, this picture proved that we've been here, XXX

#P/S: I learnt from this trip that if I want to blog about a place I go, I should bring my camera and not just my phone and my i7Plus + fish eye lens. Sorry for the bad quality pictures! :(

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