Friday, 10 February 2017

A Week of Winter Wonderland!!!

I won't be writing much in this post, I'll let the pictures speak.

Christmas holidays were non-existence for me. I worked like literally throughout the whole freaking week and I wasn't even paid extra for working during holidays, uh. (Don't fire me though, boss.)

Anyways, my course mates, seniors and I planned a trip together in January to Andorra! It is a country in Europe if you don't know haha, I didn't know that to be honest. How long you ask? My title said 'A Week of Winter Wonderland' isn't it? Yup, we crackheads skipped the first week of lecture for ski and nope, my parents didn't know about that, hope they won't read this. 

We took a bus from Bristol to London Gatwick and flew to Barcelona and another bus ride to Andorra. We were on a tour with Crystal Ski Holidays hence the convenience of our transportation. A long ass ride but trust me, it was worth the ride. Why? Refer to pictures below! 

We visited Andorra's famous spa - Caldea Thermal Spa! It was like an Andorra version of Iceland's Blue Lagoon minus all that face mask thing lol. It was cold af but the warm spa water was perrrrfecto (saw what i did there) and the view was amazeballs. 

It was such a blessing that I managed to take Instagram worthy pictures with my favourite girls even though I didn't really post anything on Instagram haha but ah, beautiful Andorra. 

As mentioned, we were with Crystal Ski Holidays tour and we chose Hotel Xalet Besoli, about 15 minutes walk to the mountains where we had our ski and snowboard lessons. Guys guys guys, *clap hands* I cannot emphasise enough *clap hands* how beautiful the snowy mountain etc. was, like being Asian, growing up in Asia where there's no snow, this is beyond perfect. 

I admit it was tough climbing up to the mountains being a fat Asian girl as I am hahaha. Mind you, we had to carry our heavy ski boots, ski-sticks and skis. Very. Heavy. I. Cannot. 

We even took a selfie (not really, they photobombed) with two locals! 

If only I had knew the struggle, I'd have chosen snowboard. CK and the gang had boots and boards as light as a feather, wtf. Happy that they helped us with a bit with the things, shoutout to you good souls lol.

 Alright, fun aside, the fooooooood. As I mentioned before, our breakfast and dinner is provided by the hotel. For lunch, we would hunt for wild animals up in the mountains like rabbits, wild boar etc. hahaha joke, we smuggle croissants from the breakfast buffet and bring them up to eat in the quiet cozy warm little locker room unlike the restaurants where people queue up like sardines.

The food wasn't like a 4 star quality of course but its a 3 three course meal so YAS. Starter, main course and desserts. I didn't bother taking pictures of the starter because who cares about starters? Main course and desserts are key. It  good enough to feed our hungry tummies. Look, I even finished mine!

If you ever happen to give Andorra a visit, please do drop by Sushi Mountains and have some Asianness there haha. They gave us a 30% discount voucher only on the last day we were in Andorra when Jia En and I were literally there. Every. Single. Day. 

There's this crazy interesting little sushi called Nutella Roll, basically with like soy leaves, rice and nutella and also with a touch of almond on top. Jia En hates it but I like it. 

On the last day, Joyce and I skipped ski for some reasons (Joyce injured her knee and I injured my motivation) and took pictures like crazy because why not. 

I was trying to dab in the first picture I think and I was wearing Jia En's jacket but the view behind me doeeeeee. 

"The sun sets as I look down." 

The was the 'restaurant' where sardines are during lunch time and on the last day, I swear I didn't realise how cozy and pretty it was!

And also watch my vlog on my YouTube channel at or just watch it below! :)

Signing off,
Cynthia Claudine 

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