Tuesday, 11 July 2017

I disappeared from Bristol!!!! :(

Goodbye Bristol. 
The only nice picture of me looking over the beautiful Bristol. Maybe I'll get Q to take more pictures of me here again one day haha.

You guys do not know the amount of love I have for Bristol - the place where I found myself, where I grew with my very own set of wings and where I learnt about myself and the world. 

I guess I'll save all these goodbyes, tears and dramatic goodbyes for July 2019 where I graduate and leave for good BUT I'm still hoping that I can get a permanent job here so I can stay in the UK with a working visa then. I'm leaving Bristol for just a year, really, and go back on some weekends because Bristol is more fun than where I am now but mainly for *whispers* Asian foods hahahaha, gotta stock up my ramen, VitaSoy and tapioca pearls (all my Asian brothers and sisters, you feel me?!) 


So where I did actually 'disappeared' to? 
Chippenham, I did. 

I started a new chapter in my life ever - the working life. I'm truly blessed to receive a job offer from MJ Church. I've told a number of friends that I got a placement and many asked how, so I thought I could share my experience on how I landed myself a placement on my blog. 

All thanks to one of my modules in my second year of my degree, really. It's a module called Professional Practice for Built Environment Professionals and one of its assignment required us to study about a company from the UK on its corporate social responsibilities, basically its sustainable development in terms of economic, social and environmental. We have to also 'interview' about the company representatives during UWE's Employers Fair where it's actually for students who are looking for a placement/internship or even graduate jobs. 

Yup, you guessed it haha. I talked to the commercial manager of MJ Church and I don't know why but I had a strong feeling that MJ Church and I will have a 'future' haha, if you know what I mean. I did print a few of my CVs before going to the fair and did give it some of the companies are looking to hire interns over the summer. I tried Halsall in Bath and also BAM Construction but MJ Church invited me for an interview first, everything went well and about after 1 week plus, they emailed me and ask about my Tier 4 student visa work allowance etc. and ta-da, I'm a quantity surveyor intern in MJ Church. 

I advise getting all this done before the end of May when exams and coursework are ready to attack you, well, before your Easter break maybe so you have your whole Easter break to revise for your exams. 

So yea, 3 months later and I'm here. As I'm blogging, I'm currently in my 2nd week of my placement. Want to know more about my first week of my placement? I'll post it all up in my next post with pictures and all of my personal experiences - from looking for a house, transportation etc. 

I do hope I don't get lazy and actually blog about it hehe, see you guys soon in my next post! xxx

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