Hi! I'm Cynthia Claudine Fong - an 18-year-old Quantity Surveying student, a part-time Subway sandwich artist, an adventure enthusiastic, a daughter of God and a soulmate to one. 

I'm from Johor Bahru, Malaysia and have left home since I was 16 for further studies. When I turned 17, I took another bigger step and decided to study in a whole new environment - Bristol, UK. Now, I blog about how is life being in the UK as a foreign student and what I experience here. (BTW I'm 19 already wth?!) I enjoy blogging and vlogging because it makes me happy. I regret not writing this blog sooner and not having the habit to take more pictures in almost everything I do with my friends etc. 

Just like everyone else, I have a big dream. I do not only wish to just excel in academic or work but to also be a huge impact in the society such that whenever my name is mentioned, people feel inspired and motivated by my work and also my blog posts. I would like to tell everyone that there is nothing that you cannot do if you put enough effort into it and believe in yourself. 

For my #cynshares posts, I do not own any rights of the posts I shared. 

Thank you for dropping by my blog! Do drop by often for updates or follow me on Instagram to know if I've updated or not. 

I have 3 different 'sections' in my blog - 
1. #cynshares where I share articles I read online and see it worth a read!
2. #cyntravels where I travel around and just talk about my trip really :)
3. #cynblogs is about my personal life and experiences hehe

#P/S: Connect with me (or just stalk me, really) on LinkedIn on the link below! 

Cynthia Claudine Fong

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